Handrail Systems | Ultra Stylish, Ultra Safe
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Handrail Systems

At Focus Fabrications we believe in the importance of a great finishing touch, and our skilled designers and craftsmen will help you achieve your vision and bring your ideas and design to life without compromising on safety features or quality. Whether it is an ultra-stylish glass balustrade or a simple handrail system, we can make the exact product that you require to get your job done.

Here is a list of some of the products that we can offer to you:

Galvanized tubes

Fast-clamp handrail systems

Handrail systems for roof-edge protection

Handrail systems for roof-edge protection

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From conception to completion, the designer is given assistance by experienced personnel employed by the company.

This service includes:

Concept Drawings and Samples

Site Surveys

Detailed Fabrication Drawings

Prompt Quotations




Security Bars

Whether you have a new security requirement or you need improvements to an existing security requirements, Focus Fabrications can design and produce for you bespoke security grilles and bars.

We can design and fabricate grilles and bars that can be used for both interior and exterior use.

Focus Fabrications have a highly skilled installation team that are always on hand to install the bespoke security grilles or bars while maintaining a minimum amount of inconvenience and disturbance.

We also offer a wide range of surface finishes and colours to get that perfect look, this will allow the product to blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment.